Timelinize can import data from your unencrypted iPhone backup stored locally on your computer.

iPhone imports read and timelinize the following data:

  • Device phone number
  • Address book (contacts)
  • iMessage database (messages, attachments, etc.)
  • Camera roll (your photo library)

To make a local iPhone backup, you need a Mac. For instructions on how to do this, the Apple user guide under the "Back up iPhone using your Mac" heading. Do not encrypt your backup. Timelinize cannot read encrypted iPhone backups.

Once the backup is complete, you can find it at ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/.

If there are multiple folders inside; find the one associated with your device; it should be the most recent one.

In Timelinize, go to import files, then select the correct folder within the Backup folder. The "correct" one is the one associated with the device you intend to timelinize. At least, I think so...

The "Backup" folder is portable. You can copy it to a hard drive or another computer and Timelinize can still work with it.