Google Photos

Go to Google Takeout, export your Google Photos data, and download the archive(s). Select the archive file(s) to import it. You do not need to extract them first. Or, you may extract the archive(s) into the same destination and select the resulting top-level folder.

Important! For exports spanning multiple archive files: It is imperative that you do not rename the archive files, because sometimes a photo and its metadata may be split into different archives, and Timelinize relies on the naming convention used by Google Takeout to correlate photo/video and metadata files across archives. Import each archive file and Timelinize should gracefully combine them all into your timeline.

Album structure is basically preserved: photos/videos in the same folder will be added to a "collection" (Timelinize's general term for groups of items) with the same name as the album. The UI does not yet show collections (albums) even though they are in the DB.

Google Photos export apparently truncates filenames to 47 characters (or 46 for the .json file). Timelinize can handle this. The full filename should still be contained in the contents of the .json file, so that name is used when copying the file to your repository.

Exports can include multiple copies of a file: the original and the edit. Timelinize will keep both with a relation between the two, but the UI may not support showing the relation between them quite yet.