Alpha Version Disclaimer

You will encounter bugs and may have to restart the application here or there. This is expected while the application is still actively in development. Timelinize has a better backend (the part you can't see) than frontend (the part you can). So take heart even if the UI has a lot of issues.

NOTE: Timelinize does not modify, move, or delete your input files in any way. Source data is read-only to Timelinize; this means it has to copy the data when importing it into your timeline. For large imports, be mindful of disk space. Timelinize does not yet measure these things and protect you from disk space depletion.

Even though Timelinize is a tool intended to help organize and archive your information, you are ultimately responsible for preserving it with backups.

Download Timelinize

Get the latest build for your platform using the link in our #getting-started channel on Discord. If it came as an archive file (.zip or .tar.*), extract it so you can run the application inside it.


Timelinize is a single binary, so there is no formal install process. "Installation" consists of moving it into a permanent location such as in your PATH; then depending on your OS, putting an icon on your desktop or app launcher. This is all optional however; you can run it from your Downloads folder as long as the file has the executable permission.